Glass matting paste


Allows to put any image on practically any glass surface.

Feature of the given mat paste is that it is very easy to use in practice, it is absolutely safe for the health.

pH level - 3,5, the mat cream does not irritate a skin.

When you put mat paste on glass, porcelain, granite, ceramic tiles est., it co-operates with SiO2, beats out silicon from the top layer of glass (depth up to 25 micron). After the surface is matted we gather mat cream in plastic pail for further use. The rests wash off with water.

Result - an opaque, smooth, matt surface. It is also important that finger prints are not remained. The received image can't be washed off or erased, as it is characteristic of matte glass.

Matting Paste can be used repeatedly up to 7-8 times.

The expense of 1 kg of mat cream - 24 m2 (taking into account reusability).