Long lasting phosphors


Technical-Economic Description

Luminescence means the continuation of light emission after the termination of the influence of its source (sunlight, heating, luminescent or ultraviolet lamps).

Photoluminophores are finely divided, non-flammable, non-explosive and environmentally friendly powder, that do not contain toxic and radioactive isotopes. From natural and artificial lighting the luminophores accumulate huge amounts of light (up to 10 kquant/cm3). After the termination of external lighting, the luminophores emit the accumulated amounts of light 4-26 hours (after the end of the further luminescence restoration of double luminescence function).


  • Conversion of UV or visible light in to the fluorescent light of different colors lasting afterglow up to several hours.


As a basis of non-radioactive fluorescent colors to indicate different signs and signals, means of traffic safety, road markings, marking the most important instruments and controls, the definition of micro cracks and micro-defects (in the form of pastes), painting the wall panels and elements of buildings, painting and printing, at registration offices, storefronts, car tuning, etc.

As a filler in the manufacture of plastics, films (in agriculture for greenhouses: increases the yield of 30 - 50%), synthetic fibers, leather, rubber, textiles, ceramics, and a variety of products based on them (clothing, costume jewelry, toys, souvenirs, fixtures, switches, special funds to equip the police, mountain rescue and fire services, other kinds of products for industrial, domestic and artistic purpose) photoluminescent evacuation systems (PES) for the orientation of personnel transport, underground facilities, and industrial facilities. The systems have a number of important advantages as photoluminescent solution can be applied to various surfaces  - on the walls, floors, walkways, stairs, railings, stairs, etc.


  1. Energy saving
  2. Increase of security in different emergency situations.
  3. Provision of non-standard painting and color solutions in design works.

The technology of using luminescent is cheap and available. The suggested luminophores show stability toward different climatic influences and function within the range of -500C +1000C temperature.

Phosphor powder is mixed with varnish (for each coating: wood, stone, metal, glass, polymers, asphalt, etc. are selected individually varnish).



Photoluminophores are strontium aluminates activated by Europium (Eu), Dysprosium (Dy).

Chemical formula: SrAl2O4 : Eu, Dy, Y

The danger degree: low (4th danger class)

Physical (aggregate) state: white or light yellow powder

The main indexes of the substance:

  • Melting temperature : 25000C
  • Decay temperature : does not decay
  • Density: 5,0
  • Specific weight g/cm3: 2,0 - 2,5
  • Solubility in water: is not solved
  • pH: 6,7-7,3 (neutral)
  • Solubility in organic solvents: is not solved
  • Combustion temperature 0C: is not combusted
  • Stability: is not decayed up to 2500 0C
  • Chemical stability: inert, is not subjected to corrosion
  • Transparency: non translucent

The period of validity  is unlimited

The intensity and duration of luminescence:

The intensity and duration of the luminescence visible to human eye depend on a number of factors:

  • Luminophore type
  • Environmental temperature
  • Environmental enlightenment
  • Intensity  and duration of initial “charging”


Light color:

  • GREEN 
  • BLUE 
In conditions of environmental enlightenment the photoluminophore's luminescence is invisible and does not have functional significance.

But in case of absence of external light, particularly in case of absence of additional enlightenment or in emergency situations, in cases of compulsory power outage, it becomes the most important and sometimes the only way for ensuring security and saving human lives.

Except for the above-mentioned security and moral factors, the application of luminophores has also merely economical reasoning and effect: based on the decrease of the costs for the enlightenment of security and evacuation signs and posters.

Moreover, for evacuation signs enlightenment in conditions of power outage in emergency situations an autonomous emergency enlightenment system (generator) is needed to create, which is connected with considerable material expenses, and the necessity of which disappears due to installation or posters and evacuation signs prepared with luminophore.  

Covering Capacity of 50-200g per 1 m2.

The product is harmless as during application and during use.